Lucky Dragon Opens with EZ Baccarat

Nearly 45% of Baccarat Tables at Lucky Dragon are EZ Baccarat
EZ Baccarat announces that Lucky Dragon, the first Las Vegas Resort and Casino delivering an authentic Asian gaming experience, opens its doors this month with 11 EZ Baccarat tables or near 45% of all baccarat tables at the casino.

“We have great confidence that Lucky Dragon will prove to be a winner with local Asian players, and will have the power to attract feeder markets from California to Beijing,” said Rich Slack, VP of Gaming Operations, at Lucky Dragon. “With five Asian restaurants, we’re telling players: come for the food and stay for the baccarat!”

“We created EZ Baccarat with Asian players in mind, and that puts it in perfect sync with Lucky Dragon’s paradigm-breaking strategy of designing a casino to cater specifically to Asian customers,” said Francisco “TJ” Tejeda, co-creator of EZ Baccarat and principal at Talisman Group. “We’re thrilled that Lucky Dragon is seeing solid action on the gaming floor and that EZ Baccarat has also proven to be a hit with high rollers in the VIP room.”

Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino held its Grand Opening on Dec. 3, 2016 and Qui Nguyen, 2016 World Series of Poker Champion, placed the very first bet at Lucky Dragon on EZ Baccarat.

Qui Nguyen, 2016 World Series of Poker Champion, Places First Bet on EZ Baccarat at Lucky Dragon Opening