EZ Baccarat Distributors

United States, Canada, Caribbean
and United Kingdom

Galaxy Gaming
6480 Cameron Street, Suite 305
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Sales and Support:
Steph Nel
Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales
Telephone: + 1-702-939-3254
Email: snel@galaxygaming.com
Technical Support: +1-866-485-4777

European Union, Australia
and New Zealand

Old Surrenden Manor, Bethersden,
Ashford, Kent TN26 3DL, UK

Sales and Support:
Andrew Cammegh
Sales Director
Telephone: + 44 1233 820771
Email: sales@cammegh.com
Technical support: + 44 1233 820771
Email: support@cammegh.com


Roger Tomás
Interra Latin
Panama City, Panama

Sales and Support:
Roger Tomás
Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: (+507) 669-85407
Email: ezbaccarat@interralatin.com