Muckleshoot Casino

The Muckleshoot Tribe is part of the widespread Coast Salish culture that has long called the Puget Sound region home. The Muckleshoots and their ancestors have lived in the area continuously for thousands of years. Prior to their forced relocation to the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation, a result of the government treaty of the 1850s, the Tribe’s homeland encompassed a vast area ranging from Mount Rainier to the salt waters of Puget Sound.

As with their Coast Salish neighbors, salmon plays a central role in the economic, social, spiritual and ceremonial life of the Muckleshoot people. In recent years, the Tribe has been at the forefront of efforts to protect endangered salmon runs, elk herds and other natural resources. Education is also a top priority. Muckleshoot Tribal School and Muckleshoot Tribal College, along with a wide array of related programs, help to ensure today’s youth will be well prepared to guide the Tribe when it is their turn to lead.

The Tribe is also striving to preserve its ancient culture and language. A few years ago, it was feared the last of the Tribe’s native speakers would soon pass. However, thanks to the dedicated efforts of its educators and Tribal Elders, the voices of the children can once again be heard speaking Wuhlshootseed which, for a millennia, was the primary language of Puget Sound.

The Muckleshoot Indian Reservation, consisting of 3,860 acres, is located about 30 miles southeast of Seattle.

A nine-member, elected Tribal Council provides governance for the Tribe. With a work force of more than 2,400, the Muckleshoot Tribe is one of the largest employers in King County.