Global Gaming Business: EZ Does It

How bonusing and cutting-edge technology enhances the game experience

EZ Does It

DEQ Systems Corp., based near Quebec City in Canada and in Las Vegas, teams up with LT Game, a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Paradise Entertainment, to make a worldwide “EZ” synergy.

DEQ is a market leader in table games, progressive systems, live and online proprietary table games content and utility solutions. Its solutions exist in more than 300 casinos and 30 countries.

EZ Baccarat, also known as the Dragon 7 game in Macau, is the most popular baccarat brand worldwide, company officials say, with more than 750 installations in over 150 casinos and card rooms.

EZ Baccarat is an operating system that can go on multiple platforms. LT Game licenses the EZ Baccarat intellectual property from DEQ Systems, the global distributor of the game, and DEQ and LT Game are working together to develop the software so that it works on LT Game LMG systems.

“The LT Game deal offers an opportunity to put EZ Baccarat on thousands of LT Game Live Multi-Game (LMG) systems over the next few years, in the Macau market first,” says Francisco “TJ” Tejeda, the co-creator of EZ Baccarat. “Putting EZ Baccarat on terminals is a strategic maneuver that will give the brand more exposure while helping open up the largest baccarat market in the world.

“What is exciting is how the LT Game terminals work: let’s take an example of a casino in Macau, where there are 10 dealers dealing two hands a game, including baccarat, sic bo and roulette, with 20 games going at a time and live-streaming to 900 terminals enabling players to play multiple hands. For players, seeing live dealers run the game is a reassuring feature that brings a measure of familiarity to the game.”

The setup has some game-changing elements, Tejeda asserts.

“A powerful appeal of ETGs is that they open up markets that would otherwise be closed due to table game regulation,” he contends. “In Macau, where table games are limited, labor-efficient ETGs can be profitable even when offering lower limits to attract players that have been priced out of live table games. In North America, the unqualified success of the New York electronic casino model will entice other jurisdictions to follow suit.”
What is the WOW factor for this product?

“One of the most compelling advantages that EZ Baccarat brings to ETGs using a random number generator is the JadeShoe with EZ Shuffle, a patent-pending technology that makes the electronic version of EZ Baccarat virtually the same as the table game by replicating a standard baccarat shoe,” Tejeda says. “It it has eight decks and does not shuffle after every hand. This is a huge differentiator for the electronic game, and a powerful enticement for Chinese players for whom following the patterns (aka the ‘roads’) is a crucial part of the game.”

The timing for a dynamic table-games partnership could not be better. Many experts, including DEQ President and CEO Joe Bertolone, believe the Asian gaming world mirrors the early path of Las Vegas. Table games drove the American industry for many years before slots emerged.

That’s just fine, according to LT Game. The company’s signature product is Live Multi Game System, perfectly placed for a market that has “tabled” the next wave of growth. ETGs are surging in Macau.

Betty Zhao, the chief operating officer of LT Game, says the number of ETG terminals, both with and without a live dealer, rose from 3,520 in 2012 to 5,670 last year. She predicts the market will continue to grow in the ETG stadium concept, either with a live dealer or fully automated RNG.

“We already see in Macau that players are enjoying the live-dealer-streaming LMG and fully automated RNG ETG stadiums throughout some of the resorts,” Zhao says.

“On average there are at least 60 LMG terminal stadium environments throughout Macau, with some venues having over a couple of hundred terminals,” Zhao asserts. “The stadiums in Macau also have more than 10 outcomes of games being dealt at once. In Las Vegas, the largest placement has been 34 terminals at one property with just four outcomes being dealt.

“Las Vegas is in the early stages of this product type. Although Palazzo installed 24 terminals in November 2013, the market is still learning about this. Most recently, Palace Station in Las Vegas installed 12 terminals with two live outcomes of baccarat being dealt. The seeding progress is encouraging in Las Vegas, since it does seem that more casino operators are open to the concept of having mini-stadiums of LMGs on their casino floors.”

Zhao predicts LT Game will soon present a Fast Betting Terminal allowing players to bet 10 games simultaneously on a single multi-touch screen.

By Dave Bontempo Thu, May 19, 2016