About Us

What are the chances? Two guys working in casinos, basically all their lives, come up with a new way to play baccarat and end up with a powerhouse brand that customers love. How did it happen? Please read on…

All along, everyone knew that this wonderful game had a mean and hated quirk to it: Commission!

A few years ago, we sat down and decided that we would look for a solution to this problem. Bringing together the experience and knowledge we had accumulated during all those years as baccarat dealers we went after the challenge: to bring the game of baccarat into the 21st century and make it more fun to play by getting rid of the commission. And that is how EZ Baccarat was born.

Today, the Dragon 7 and the Panda 8 are the players’ favorite avatars! And because you gave us a chance, by playing our game and going bonkers over it, EZ Baccarat is the number one baccarat brand in the world!

So, the answer to how did it happen is simple—because of you. And for that, we are forever thankful.

Robin Powell & Francisco “TJ “Tejeda

Creators EZBaccarat®—Dragon7 & Panda8



Please note: Scientific Games and its subsidiaries/authorized distributors are the exclusive provider of EZ Baccarat.  If you wish to inquire about purchasing or leasing an authorized version of EZ Baccarat, then please contact Scientific Games at sales@deq.com and for sales in Macau contact LT Game at sales@hk1180.com