Commerce Casino Mobile App Sunday, February 19, 2023 at 10:49 p.m.

140 Active EZ Baccarat Tables

Every One All At Once (But Not Everywhere)

Commerce Casino Sets Record

California is EZ Baccarat’s Largest Market with
Over 530 EZ Baccarat Tables at 50 casinos

EZ Baccarat, the number one baccarat brand in North America, announces that Commerce Casino hit a record 140 active EZ Baccarat tables.

 On Sunday, February 19th, at 10:49 p.m., Commerce Casino in Los Angeles had 140 EZ Baccarat tables open with over 1,000 players enjoying the game.

California is the largest EZ Baccarat market with over 530 tables in 50 casinos throughout the state. In North America, EZ Baccarat has over 800 of its proprietary table games in 150 casinos.

“We are so proud to announce that we now have 140 EZ Baccarat’s in action on any given night. That makes us the largest baccarat casino in North America,” said Jeff Harris, CEO and president of Commerce Casino.

“This extraordinary brand continues to break records,” said Francisco “TJ” Tejeda, co-creator of EZ Baccarat. “I don’t know of any proprietary baccarat game or table game for that matter that has ever had 140 active tables at one time in the U.S. or Canada.”

Commerce Casino located in Los Angeles County is one of six casinos within a 20-mile radius that are EZ Baccarat powerhouses with a total of 309 EZ Baccarat tables, including Commerce Casino (140), Parkwest Bicycle Club (50), The Gardens Casino (38), Hustler Casino (30), Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino (31), and Crystal Casino (20).

(Photo credit: Ringo Chiu Photography)