The creator of hugely popular baccarat variant EZ Baccarat, Talisman Group, has announced the appointment of Anthony Cabot as senior advisor.

Cabot’s role will help guide the strategic direction of the company as it looks to expand the EZ Baccarat franchise into additional revenue channels, including online gaming, live dealer, electronic table games, live multigame and stadium seating terminals.

EZ Baccarat, which is distributed by Scientific Games Corporation globally, is the leading proprietary baccarat brand in North America with over 750 table games in more than 150 casinos. It is also the dominant baccarat game on the US west coast.

“I’ve had a professional relationship with Talisman Group for over 20 years during which I was instrumental in helping EZ Baccarat grow into a powerful table game brand,” said Cabot. “Now that EZ Baccarat is making headway into digital gaming, my role as senior advisor will allow me to put years of digital research and empirical knowledge in pursuit of this challenging new opportunity.”

EZ Baccarat co-creator Francisco “TJ” Tejeda said, “We are pleased that Mr. Cabot has picked our company to provide strategic advice. Having Tony onboard will greatly increase our capability to pursue the digital markets that are rapidly becoming the biggest areas of growth in gaming.”

Cabot recently became UNLV’s William S. Boyd School of Law’s first distinguished fellow in gaming law.